Wel Groth Power Buster

Wel Groth Power Buster

In today's time, farmers have started using excessive chemical fertilizers and drugs in the soil in order to get more produce, which makes the land more difficult and unmanageable. The Welgrowth Powerbuster helps to improve granular abundance and hard soil, as well as increase production. This product provides the necessary nutrients for the crop from the beginning.

  • Benefit

      The main function of the Wel Groth Power Buster is to help maintain the quality of the soil from the cultivation of any crop to the harvesting of the supporting nutrients in the soil.
      It helps to increases plant immunity and crops are able to survive for a long time.
      It keeps the crop healthy for a long time and helps in keeping the crop green and keeping the crop yellow.
      The function of cell division in plants is to aid in inertia. Due to which the crop growth is uniform. It also helps in the germination of plants and the rapid formation of new shoots.
      The abundant auxiliary nutrients in the Welgrowth Power Booster help to nourish and replenish the soil, which also improves root growth along with plant growth.

  • Ratio

      As Basic Fertilizer : 1 to 3 bags per acre
      To Dispose of: 1 to 2 bags per acre.
      For Horticultural Crops: 3 to 4 kg per plant.

  • Packing

    50 Kg.