If agriculture is to increase production, it is necessary to provide all kinds of nutrients to the crop. Sulfur is an NPK. The latter is the most important element as well as a nutrient. Sulfur can prevent the plant and its leaves from turning yellow. Sulfur is one of the most important nutrients for crop maintenance. Sulfurnet is a product developed by Biotechnology as a direct source of food for the crop using sulfur sulfur.

  • Benefit

      Provides the most important sulfur named element after the N.P.K. needed by the crop.
      Sulfurnet provides the essential sulfur for the crop as it plays an important role in increasing the percentage of oil, especially in oilseed crops.
      It is helpful to increase the amount of amino acids as well as proteins required for crops.
      Sulfurnet is very useful for the growth of plant roots.
      Nitrogen plays an important part in the metabolism of the crop, which is essential to the crop.
      Sulfurnet is very helpful in eliminating the disease caused by cogs as well as worms.
      Sulfurnet is useful in preventing yellowing of the branches and leaves of plants.
      Sulfurnet is useful in speeding up the photosynthesis of plants.
      Sulfurnet is helpful in getting the strength needed to protect the crop against the cold.
      Sulfurnet is helpful in maintaining greenery in the crop and provides strength for long lasting crop.

  • Ratio

      For spraying : 70 ml With 15 liter of water.
      For Drenching : From 2 to 4 liters per acre.

  • Packing

    1 Ltr. / 5 Ltr. / 10 Ltr.