Wel Stick

Wel Stick

The use of technology is very important in modern farming. The importance of pesticides, anti-pesticides, anti-inflammatory, aging and liquid fertilizers is increasing. Wellstick is an important product for all of them if they are to be used efficiently. Wellstick is a product developed by Biotechnology. Which is an excellent type of sticker, spreader and actuator through which the result of any liquid product can be increased.

  • Benefit

      Wel Stick is very helpful in dispersing any kind of liquid evenly on plants or leaves.
      Pesticides help in the process of activating the active ingredients in the drug.
      Pesticides prevent the deterioration of the drug by simply sticking to the leaves.
      Wel Stick has long lasting effects of any drug, and efficient use of the drug saves significant labor costs, drug costs and time.
      The triple acreage of the Wel Stick increases the absorption of the plant and leaves so that it retains its moisture.
      Wel Stick can easily be mixed with any pesticide or liquid fertilizer.
      When used in drip and spray, Wel Stick prevents corrosion in the drip walls and lines so that the equipment and the entire drip system can be kept clean and clean.
      Being a Wel Stick Organic product does not affect the crop, and in addition helps to increase the quality and yield of the crop.

  • Ratio

      For Spraying : 10 to 15 ml With 15 liter of water.
      For Drip : 100 ml with 100 liter of water.

  • Packing

    100 ml / 250 ml / 500 ml / 1 Ltr