Mat Killer

Mat Killer

The Mat Killer Advance Block is a great product for preventing various types of orchard infestation, a trap block made using advanced technology that traps only male flies. Due to this, the female flies cannot be exposed to the mangroves so that the flies can be easily prevented.

  • Benefit

      Methyl eugenol (50) smart block is used in various types of fruit trees such as mango, chiku, pomegranate, walnut etc.
      Cue-lure (CU) Smart Block is useful in various types of vines such as watermelon, karela, valor, cucumber, saucerti etc.
      Both types of smart blocks are easy to use and eco-friendly and do not require any type of equipment to be used.
      Mat Killer offers a good job at low cost and is only used once a season.

  • Ratio

      In Proportion : 5 trap per acre

  • Packing