Rootcare - Humic Acid 15%

Rootcare - Humic Acid 15%

Humic acid is very important in organic farming. RootCare is a product made by humic acid, considering all types of crops. Rootcare plays an important role in fulfilling the basic needs of the crop and contributes very important to the development of each crop. Rootcare works to provide the nutrients needed at the earliest times of the crop.

  • Benefit

      Rootcare plays a very important role in balancing the physiological function of plants.
      The most important task of rootcare is to grow the roots of the crop.
      Rootcare is very useful in converting the nutrients used into the soil into an available form.
      Rootcare plays a very important role in accelerating the germination process of any crop.
      Rootcare is useful in maintaining pH values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are important in soil.
      Rootcare can be very helpful in reducing the adverse effects of sodium, toxic chemicals and other heavy metals on plants.
      Rootcare is useful in easing the structure of the soil to allow easy air and water to reach the root of the plant, which can be considered a basic necessity of the plant.
      Improved physical structure of the soil helps to increase the fertility of the soil.
      Rootcare can be useful in alkaline and acidic soils to improve plant growth.

  • Ratio

      For Spraying: 1 ml. With 1 liter of water.
      To Drip: 1 to 2 liter per acre.
      For Seed Care: 2 to 5 ml. With 1 kg of seed.

  • Packing

    250 ml / 500 ml / 1 ltr / 5 ltr / 15 ltr