Wel Groth - Growth Promoter

Wel Groth - Growth Promoter

The seaside service is an unprecedented source of nature among the incredible sources of nature. The nutrients required in the development of any plant are abundant in the seawater. WellGrowth is a product of the Sea Service Ark. Since nutrients are naturally available to the crop in velgroth, they play an important role in the overall development of the plant.

  • Benefit

      Wel Goth increases the number of bacteria in the soil and is useful for transforming the plant into essential food form.
      Long and crushed linkage polymers are formed in the soil through the process of non-ferrous metals in the Velgroth, thereby improving the process of forming a mesh-like structure in the soil so that the soil becomes thicker and fuller, with longer moisture content in the soil.
      The magnesium element contained in Wel Groth is useful in the manufacture of proteins with nitrogen to speed up the plant's food preparation process so that the greenery is kept in the plant.
      In the early stages of plant development there is a wealth of hormones that are needed to increase the immune system.
      Wel Groth helps increase the resistance of the plant so that the plant is able to withstand adverse weather conditions.
      Wel Groth improves the absorption of essential nutrients by developing crop fibers.
      As all the nutrients found in Wel Groth are in their natural form, the crop does not have any side effects and the crop is kept in natural condition for a long time.
      Welgrowth is useful for photosynthesis in the early stages of the crop.

  • Ratio

      For Spraying : 1 to 2 ml With 1 liter of water.
      For Drip : 1 to 1.5 liters per acre.
      For a walk : 5 to 10 ml Drown in 5 liters of water to “dip 5 roots

  • Packing

    250 ml / 500 ml / 1 ltr / 5 ltr / 15 ltr